Most people believe that money is real wealth. Yet, everything we spend money on requires energy to mine, create, deliver, run, maintain, and dispose of. In this way, money is ultimately a direct claim on energy and resources. Our economic stories assert that, with more money, we can create more of anything. The truth is we cannot create energy. We both extract it and burn it faster by using technology and printing money. Natural capital, particularly energy, is the true foundation of our monetary systems. As we create more money, we don’t create more resources. We merely access them faster, going to those who can print money fastest.

Bitcoin mining is the process by which new bitcoins are issued into circulation, and the only technology on Earth that directly ties Money to Energy, respecting the universal law which keeps humanity in balance with it's natural resources. The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance estimated that Bitcoin mining consumed ~120 terawatt-hours (TWh) a year, placing Bitcoin's energy consumption above several smaller nation states. It is worth noting that the energy requirements of running the global financial sector is much higher than this number.


Bitcoin, by design, allows individuals to have full control over their assets, and take back the power required for individuals to have a voice in a capitalistic society. However, the convenience and ease of use offered by centralized exchanges and custodians have led many Bitcoin users to entrust the custody of their assets to these services. This trend poses a threat to the decentralization of Bitcoin, as it concentrates power in the hands of a few entities and makes the system vulnerable to the same risks associated with traditional financial institutions.

Earth Wallet - Self Custody

Earth Wallet is commited to providing a self-custody solution for Bitcoin with great user experience, and easy developer tools to create the new financial market, without ever having to give up control of your keys. This provides humanity with a transparent easy way to help ensure the foundational principle of Bitcoin, self-custody.

Create WalletImport SeedConnect WalletTransfer AssetsExport Seed

Make sure to store your seed phrase in a safe location, as this will is used to create your unique private key to access your accounts digital assets. If this seed is exposed or lost, it is recommended to move your assets to a new acount.

Bitcoin Developers

As free open source software, Bitcoin requires open source developers and teams to help maintain, improve, and create new applications. Earth Wallet is bootstrapped with no VC backing and offers open source tools to build on Bitcoin using Bitcoin Taproot technology and Wallet Connect v2. This drastically improves the ability for anyone to easily create secure, novel financial applications on Bitcoin with just a few lines of code:

Earth Wallet supports Bitcoin Taproot wallet connections for getting a users Bitcoin Taproot wallet address, triggering a Bitcoin Taproot send or partially signed transaction (PBST), or signing a message with the users selected wallet.

const requiredNamespaces = {
  bip122: {
    methods: ["btc_send","btc_signMessage", "btc_signPsbt"],
    chains: ["bip122:000000000019d6689c085ae165831e93"],
    events: []

A sample React application is provided on the Github repository here, and you can the full Wallet Connect v2 docs here.