Energy is and always will be the currency of life. Animals were the first investors. Obtaining a larger energy surplus gives an animal a competitive advantage for survival and reproduction. This role for surplus energy is a core driver of the natural world and dictates what can and can’t happen. We rarely think about it or talk about it, but we’re all alive during the carbon pulse: the few hundred years where humans are drawing down Earth’s energy battery millions of times faster than it was trickle-charged by daily photosynthesis. Fossil hydrocarbons, at a vast scale, have enormously increased the surplus energy available to human economies.

By transitioning to renewable energy, Bitcoin miners can secure not only the blockchain but also a sustainable future for our planet. We believe that Bitcoin and blockchain technology have incredible potential, and by aligning this industry with sustainability efforts, we can ensure that this potential is realized in a way that respects and preserves our environment for generations to come.

Earth Bitcoin Nodes

In addition to running Bitcoin nodes on site, Bitcoin mining facilities who are participating in mining Bitcoin using methane from flaring facilities, or landfill sites across the world will be eligible to run Earth Nodes, and further boost their revenue, diversify income streams to both Etheruem and methane removal credits, and earning an exclusive Regen governance NFT. The marginal cost of running an Ethereum node to regular Bitcoin mining operations is negligible, making it a great option. If you are a Bitcoin Miner interested in this program, please reach out to us for more details at